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You'll learn about syncing managed data on a Mac running Snow Leopard with:

  • Another Mac

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • The cloud (i.e. MobileMe or Google)

  • An iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV

  • A non-Apple mobile phone

  • A PDA (i.e. a Palm or Blackberry, specifics are brief)

Types of sync data covered include:

  • Calendar items stored in iCal, Entourage, Google, and Yahoo

  • Contacts stored in Address Book, Entourage, Google, and Yahoo

  • Data on Exchange servers

  • Data on MobileMe

  • Dock items and Dashboard widgets

  • Apple Mail account settings, Safari bookmarks, and application preferences

  • Apple Mail and Entourage notes

  • Keychains (user names and passwords)

  • Items from software that uses Mac OS X's Sync Services, such as Yojimbo

  • Audio, video, photos, apps, and associated metadata from iTunes

Types of devices covered include:

  • Macs, with details on MobileMe and overviews of popular third-party options

  • The iPhone and iPod touch, via Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, or iTunes

  • Old and new iPods via iTunes, with details on USB and FireWire connections

  • The Apple TV via iTunes

  • Mobile phones, smartphones, BlackBerries, and Palm OS PDAs via iSync and/or third-party utilities

Connection technologies and software examined include:

  • Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet

  • MobileMe, iTunes, iSync, IMAP (IMAP discussion is limited to Apple Mail), Exchange

  • Third-party products from BusyMac, Feisar, Mark/Space, Nova Media, PocketMac, and Spanning Sync

Sampler of special questions you'll find answers to:

  • What is the truth database? And what should I do if I think it's lying?

  • When a sync occurs, what's going on behind the scenes?

  • What is push syncing and how does it work?

  • What is the difference between syncing and a backup?

  • What does Bluetooth "discovery" mean, and what should I do about it?

  • Can I control exactly which audio and video files sync to my iPod?

  • How do I override automatic syncing when I connect my iPod to iTunes?

  • How does iTunes decide if a video file is a movie, TV show, or music video?

  • How does the Apple TV figure out what to sync if it fills up?

  • How do I sync everything possible to my iPhone—calendars, contacts, Safari bookmarks, the works?

  • How do I sync a mobile phone that Apple doesn't support?

  • Argh! Snow Leopard's iSync doesn't support the Palm! What third-party software can I use instead?

  • I want to sync directly with an Exchange server... what do I need to know?

  • What's the smartest way to sync keychains between Macs?

  • I have a syncing feeling about my data—what should I do?

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