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You'll find plenty of concise, clear explanations, plus pointers to a few important independent apps that add to the features offered in Apple's.

Jeff shows you how to use the iPhone apps for real-life tasks, including how to:

  • Update your calendar on the bus, and view the changes on your office Mac

  • Sync the sometimes elusive Birthdays calendar to your iPhone

  • Explain to friends how your iPhone knows where it is

  • Set an alarm that you'll hear, even if the volume is turned down

  • Set up a conference call with three of your friends

  • Skip ahead in a long voicemail message

  • Get around on the Web without squinting more than necessary

  • Read and reply to email

  • Send text messages or quickly place a call to someone you're texting with

  • Take quality photos with the iPhone 3GS

  • Upload photos from your iPhone to your computer

  • Trim the video you just took at a party and share it online right away

  • Get directions from your doctor's office to the drugstore

  • Settle arguments about which way north is

  • Find a song quickly so you can play it for a friend

  • Use Jeff's favorite free app, Remote, to run iTunes on a Mac or an Apple TV

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