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JBoss Seam is an exciting new application framework based on the Java EE platform that is used to build rich, web-based business applications. Seam is rapidly capturing the interest of Java enterprise developers because of its focus on simplicity, ease of use, transparent integration, and scalability. Seam in Action offers a practical and in-depth look at JBoss Seam. The book puts Seam head-to-head with the complexities in the Java EE architecture. The author presents an unbiased view of Seam from outside the walls of RedHat/JBoss, focusing on such topics as Spring integration and deployment to alternative application servers to steer clear of vendor lock-in. By the end of the book, you should expect to not only gain a deep understanding of Seam, but also come away with the confidence to teach the material to others. To start off, you will see a working Java EE-compliant application come together by the end of the second chapter. As you progress through the book, you will discover how Seam eliminates unnecessary layers and configurations, solves the most common JSF pain points, and establishes the missing link between JSF, EJB 3 and JavaBean components. The author also shows you how Seam opens doors for you to incorporate technologies you previously have not had time to learn, such as business processes and stateful page flows (jBPM), Ajax remoting, PDF generation, asynchronous tasks, and more. All too often, developers spend a majority of their time integrating disparate technologies, manually tracking state, struggling to understand JSF, wrestling with Hibernate exceptions, and constantly redeploying applications, rather than on the logic pertaining to the business at hand. Seam in Action dives deep into thorough explanations of how Seam eliminates these non-core tasks by leveraging configuration by exception, Java 5 annotations, and aspect-oriented programming.

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"Suffers from tunnel vision" - by Anonymous on 02-JAN-2012
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This may be largely due to the platform itself, but the author has adopted a very lopsided view of how things should be done, and as the book progresses it seems to increasingly denounce alternatives.  Early in the book it touts Seam's interoperability with external technologies, but then the book continues to only explore those options endorsed by Seam.  If you are looking to fully embrace Seam and JSF then the book should be very helpful, however if you're looking to create solutions that could move outside of seam, integrate external code, or simply explore how Seam fits in to the larger context of the Java platform this book essentially turns up its nose.  
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"Seam in Action by Dan Allan" - by Anonymous on 12-NOV-2010
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It is a very good book, especially for someone who is new to JSF and Seam. The example projects are well designed. Instructions are easy to follow to set up jboss AS, seam and integrated with Eclipse.
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