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Android is a free, open source, Java-based mobile platform developed by Google. Unlocking Android prepares the reader to embrace the Android mobile platform in easy-to-understand language and builds on this foundation with reusable Java code examples. It's ideal for corporate developers and hobbyists who have an interest, or a mandate, to deliver mobile software.

The book first covers the big picture so the reader can get comfortable with the Android approach to the mobile applications. Then the reader learns to apply Android by following the many practical examples. The book concludes with two deep and hands-on examples.

Unlocking Android addresses the Android application framework, its graphical capabilities and media support, data storage, communications capabilities, phone interactions, and notifications.

Unlocking Android covers Android SDK 1.x

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Average Rating: 4 out of 5 rating Based on 4 Ratings

"Good Starter Book" - by Anonymous on 07-FEB-2010
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This book does a great job of introducing Android concepts step by step. It is not just a reprint of the SDK. It explains how various essential components of the Android OS work such as Intents and the manifest file.

The examples are very well thought out and actually provide a good start at developing an Android App.

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