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Chapter 16: Installation and upgrade pla... > 16.8: Upgrading an existing system v... - Pg. 266

16.8 Upgrading an existing system versus a new system Upgrading the Tivoli Storage ManagerV6.1 server on an existing system requires that the system be unavailable for production use during installation and when the data is moved into the new database. Moving the server to a new system when upgrading to the V6.1 server gives you more flexibility in how to perform the upgrade, but with some additional costs. Table 16-7 lists items to consider when deciding how to perform the upgrade for a server. Table 16-7 .Server upgrade verses new build considerations Item System hardware Upgrade on an existing system Additional resources (disk space, memory, and possibly processor capacity) are required on the existing system. Upgrade on a new system A new system that meets requirements, in addition to the existing system, is required. You must upgrade to a new system if the existing server is on one of the platforms that are not supported for V6.1. Software on the new system must meet requirements for V6.1. Software on the original V5 system must meet requirements for the upgrade utilities (upgrade utilities requirements are the same as for a V5.5 server). You can stage the upgrade of Software Software on the system must meet requirements for V6.1. The V6.1 server cannot coexist with other versions on the same system. V5 server availability All V5 server instances on