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Chapter 21: Integrated Solutions Console... > 21.2: Administration Center updates ... - Pg. 487

Figure 21-56 Results following the modification of the server maintenance script to database backup In summary, our discussion of maintenance scripts and panel flows demonstrates some significant improvements in the Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center feature for V6.1. 21.4 Integrated Solutions Console changes This section describes functions that are available in the IBM Integrated Solutions Console Advanced Edition Version 7.1. These updates are made to the console for WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 typically by the installation of an IBM product or upgrade. Features described here supersede any functionality described elsewhere in the help that might state otherwise. The following advanced features are included in this console installation: Multitasking: The console allows you to switch between active pages, or tasks, by selecting tabs displayed in the page bar over the work area. Console modules on each page have the capability to preserve any unsaved data that you have entered into fields or to launch other applications, either on the same page or on a new page. Be aware that not all console modules implement this functionality.