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Chapter 4. Advanced Content Engine API p... > Dynamic security inheritance - Pg. 108

+ " FROM " + ClassNames.CLASS_DEFINITION; SearchSQL sql = new SearchSQL(sqlString); IRepositoryRowSet rrs = ss.FetchRows(sql, null, null, true); // Iterate over the results. For any class with a name that // starts with the classPrefix, pull a ClassDescription out of // CMC and look for PropertyDescriptions whose names start with // the propPrefix. foreach (IRepositoryRow row in rrs) { IProperties props = row.Properties; string className = props.GetStringValue(PropertyNames.SYMBOLIC_NAME); if (className.ToLower().StartsWith(classPrefix)) { IClassDescription cd = cmc.GetClassDescription(os, className); IPropertyDescriptionList pds = cd.PropertyDescriptions; foreach (IPropertyDescription pd in pds) { string propName = pd.SymbolicName; if (propName.ToLower().StartsWith(propPrefix)) { TypeID type = pd.DataType;