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XCF messages - Pg. 173

IXC244E IXC246E IXC255I IXC256A IXC259I IXC267E IXC402D IXC409D IXC417D IXC418I IXC426D IXC427A IXC430E IXC431I/432I IXC440E IXC446I IXC458I IXC459I IXC467I XCF cannot use sysplex CDS. Couple data set has been experiencing I/O delays. Unable to use dsname as the Pri/Alt for nnnn. Removal of CDS cannot finish until the following systems acknowledge the removal. I/O error for data set nnnnnn. Processing without an alternate CDS. Partitioning reset and reply down message. Signalling connectivity lost message. CONFIRM REQUEST TO REMOVE sysname FROM THE SYSPLEX. System sysname is now active in sysplex plexname. XCF heartbeat stopped but still sending XCF signals. System has not updated status, but is sending XCF signals. System has stalled XCF group members. Stalled XCF group member. Stalled member detection. System hurtsys impacted by stalled members on stallsys. Signalling CTC device stopped. Signalling CTC device stopped unconditionally. Restarting PI|PO devname.