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Chapter 6. Monitoring and troubleshootin... > Monitoring the target replication se... - Pg. 287

Connection Start Last Send Idle Timeout Flowblock NifInfo: 11ceb2c0 Last Updated State Total sent Total recv'd Retry Connected Protocol Proto block assoc state signal Recv Buf Recv Data Send Count Send Avail (1185856991) 2007/07/31 06:43:11 (1185857538) 2007/07/31 06:52:18 <Forever> Sent 0 Receive 0 (1185856991) 2007/07/31 06:43:11 Connected 303177 (28258042 bytes) 58393 (2567124 bytes) 0 (0 attempts) 1 asf 11612ab8 10d69048 0 0 0 0 0 0 Example 6-25 on page 286 shows detailed NIF statistics for server group ID 2932. If there is a non-zero value for Flowblock, there is a possibility of increased replication latency. This could be a potential problem, or the system may already be showing some symptoms. The reason for this is that the replication target server is not able to keep up with the transaction activity at the source server. If the replication target server receives more data than it can handle, it will signal