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Chapter 5. Configuring the IBM Workload Deployer - Pg. 71

5 Chapter 5. Configuring the IBM Workload Deployer In this chapter, we illustrate the steps needed to set up the appliance to create our private cloud. When you log in to the appliance with an administrative user, the welcome panel provides links to the steps that are needed to configure the appliance: Set up the appliance Set up the cloud Add virtual images Set up pattern types In this chapter, we describe the first three steps. The last step is described in Chapter 7, "Creating the pattern and environment profiles" on page 139. This chapter contains the following topics: 5.1, "Logging into the appliance user interface" on page 72 5.2, "Setting up the appliance" on page 73 5.3, "Setting up the cloud" on page 84 5.4, "Adding a new virtual image" on page 100 Before you begin: To complete the scenario described in this book, we assume that you have set up the appliance and completed the steps described in the IBM Workload Deployer information center: bm.worlodep.doc/gs/gst_setupdev.html © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved. 71