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Chapter 18: IBM z/OS Management Facility > Incident Log enhancements - Pg. 401

Migration consideration for the Workload Management task z/OSMF V1R12 supports only one authorization level for the Workload Management task. However, z/OSMF V1R13 supports several authorization levels, as described previously. For z/OSMF V1R13 migration consideration, see the information about verifying user authorizations for the Workload Management task in z/OS IBM z/OS Management Facility Configuration Guide, SA38-0652. 18.14 Incident Log enhancements Using the Problem Determination task allows you to view a task that can help you manage problems on z/OS. This category contains the Incident Log task, which provides a consolidated list of system problems, along with the details and the diagnostic data captured and saved with each problem. This task also helps you send the diagnostic data to IBM or a vendor for further diagnosis. Specifically, z/OSMF and the Incident Log task interact with z/OS system functions in the following areas: Common Information Model (CIM) server for handling requests made by z/OSMF SDUMP component for managing the capture of OPERLOG, SYSLOG, and logrec snapshots IPCS dump directory services for managing the inventory of dumps related to incidents System Logger to capture log snapshots when sysplex-scope recording is requested through the OPERLOG or logrec system logger streams Dump analysis and elimination (DAE) for enabling the "take next dump" feature of the