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Chapter 6: DFSMSdfp, DFSMSoam, and DFSMS... > Fast replication ARC1809I messages - Pg. 139

ONLYIF enhancements ARC0570I patch AUDIT COPYPOOL Change messages from I to E Change FR(DSR) default to NONE 6.20 PDA trace during DFSMShsm startup The problem determination aid (PDA) facility gathers sufficient DFSMShsm processing information to pinpoint module flow and resource usage that is related to any DFSMShsm problem. The PDA facility is required for IBM service because it traces module and resource flow. DFSMShsm stores its trace information in the PDA log data sets. If PDA=YES is not specified in the startup procedure, then PDA tracing will not occur during DFSMShsm startup, leading to difficulty diagnosing errors that can occur during startup. z/OS V1R13 implementation In z/OS V1R13, the default for PDA trace during DFSMShsm startup will be changed to PDA=YES. Clients set PDA=NO in the DFSMShsm startup procedure if they do not want PDA trace enabled during DFSMShsm startup. After the ARCCMDxx parmlib member is processed during DFSMShsm initialization, DFSMShsm will begin tracing all other DFSMShsm activity unless the SETSYS PDA(NO) parameter is specified. 6.21 Fast replication ARC1809I messages Fast replication backup processing issues excessive ARC1809I messages when reporting the reason why a target volume cannot be paired to a source volume. The ARC1809I RC2 message indicates that a source and target cannot be paired because the target volume has already been matched with a different source. For a single FRBACKUP command, the ARC1809I RC2 can be issued many times for each target volume. In previous releases, a patch command can be used to turn off all ARC1809I messages. In z/OS V1R13, a new SETSYS command called FASTREPLICATION replaces the existing patch to enable or disable the redundant ARC1809I messages. This enhancement will decrease the number of ARC1809I RC2 messages so that the message will be issued no more than once per target volume for each storage group in the copy pool. If you currently have PATCH .FRGCB.+9 BITS(.1......) in your ARCCMDxx parmlib member, replace the patch with the desired command as follows: SETSYS FASTREPLICATION(VOLUMEPAIRMESSAGES(YES|NO)) YES NO This indicates that ARC1809I RC2 messages are to be issued when a target volume cannot be paired with a source volume. This indicates that ARC1809I RC2 messages should not be issued. Chapter 6. DFSMSdfp, DFSMSoam, and DFSMShsm 139