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Chapter 8: DFSMSrmm enhancements > SEARCHDATASET extensions - Pg. 174

Note: The SD or SV TSO subcommands will return the REXX variables EDG@RTDT, calendar date, and EDG@RTDJ, julian date, in any case. Coexistence considerations Sharing z/OS releases lower than z/OS V1R13 requires a PTF for coexistence APAR OA32984 to be installed before exploitation of new functions is attempted on z/OS V1R13. Important considerations: For a volume level RETENTIONMETHOD, DFSMSrmm EXPROC processing only processes volumes with the VRSEL retention method. All files of a multivolume data set on a volume set managed by RM(EXPDT) have the same expiration date and time. DFSMSrmm coexistence maintains the data set records in sync both while tape data sets are processed and when an RMM ADD or CHANGE subcommand is issued. 8.1.6 EDG_EXIT100 retention method support You can use the EDG_EXIT100 installation exit to set the retention method to be used for a new tape data. When you create a new tape volume set, or rewrite an existing set from the first file, you can override the system default retention method. With z/OS V1R13, every volume has a retention method, either EXPDT or VRSEL. The default retention method specified in parmlib is used, unless one is assigned by the EDG_EXIT100 installation exit or by the ADDVOLUME command. The tape copy application can use the EDGPL100 macro to invoke the installation exit