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zFS sysplex support with releases prior ... > zFS sysplex-aware on a file system b... - Pg. 288

15.2.4 zFS sysplex-aware on a file system basis Figure 15-3 shows the new support of zFS being sysplex-aware on a file system basis that was introduced with APAR OA29619. Based on starting zFS with sysplex=filesys, this allows to decide whether a specific read-write file system is mounted sysplex-aware or not. This is also the preferred way of starting zFS when the support is added. You see two zFS read-write file systems on a sysplex running zFS sysplex-aware on file system basis on all members. File system FS1 is mounted NORWSHARE and FS2 is mounted RWSHARE. They are both z/OS UNIX owned on SY2. The sysplex-unaware file system FS1 is only locally mounted on the z/OS UNIX owner SY2. Requests from z/OS UNIX clients SY1 and SY3 are function shipped to the z/OS UNIX owner SY2 by z/OS UNIX. A df ­v command for file system FS1 from SY1 displays Client=Y. The sysplex-aware file system FS2 is locally mounted on all systems. z/OS UNIX never function ships requests to the z/OS UNIX owner SY2. A df ­v command for the file system FS2 from SY1 displays Client=N. When you run zFS sysplex-aware on a file system basis on all your members, the zFS Physical File System initializes as sysplex-aware but it can individually determine which file system is sysplex-aware and which is not based on the system default setting for the file system sharemode (sysplex_filesys_sharemode) or the mount parameter RWSHARE or NORWSHARE. Based on file system activity, the zFS ownership of a sysplex-aware zFS file system can move to another system and thus differ from the z/OS UNIX ownership.