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4.5: Installing and configuring IBM Imag... > Installing the software silently - Pg. 100

Substitute for the value shown in the example the full path and directory to where you have the software located locally. Perform a directory listing to ensure that the directory contains the file similar to the one listed in Table 4-2: cd /ICON_ImageCreation/downloadedImage/ ls Table 4-2 Software installation files Software file name Software description Compressed file containing the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool installation files. This compressed file also contains the necessary media to perform a GUI installation. Release refers to the release number of the software. 5. Next, run scp or ftp to download the files to your target host. In this example, we issue a scp command to copy the file in the downloadedImage directory into the target host's software directory. You are prompted for your password on the target host. Enter the password and press Enter. When the file copy completes, issue the ls command on the target host to confirm you have the necessary file": ls scp root@target_host:/software 6. Create a temporary directory under /software called icon. This directory is where you expand the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool binary file in preparation for the installation. Run the following commands to accomplish this task: