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Chapter 2: WebSphere Operational Decisio... > Key concepts to understand Decision ... - Pg. 10

2.1 How business rule and event externalization enables application modernization Companies can more rapidly and efficiently advance their application modernization projects by incrementally externalizing business rules and events from COBOL applications and moving them into a decision management system. WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS can play a major role in application modernization initiatives: Refactor/application structure modernization. Business rules and events are externalized from core application code into a layered and modular architecture for better maintainability, reuse, and service enablement. Business rules can then be executed through a call to the appropriate Decision Server run time or through the execution of a native COBOL procedure by a COBOL-generated subprogram. Documentation modernization. After the business rules and events are externalized and managed using WebSphere Decision Center, it continues to manage and document all the changes through its version control and audit management features. The natural-language format of the rule authoring allows the rule implementation to be the documentation. Through the Decision Center's Rule Solution for Office component, business rules and their associated metadata can also be integrated into Microsoft Word and Excel documents. Reuse modernization. Business rule and event externalization helps identify the reusable components of the existing application and facilitates the reuse of business decisions that span applications. Extracting business rules from application code empowers business user subject matter experts (SMEs) to manage the rules in a manner that focuses on how decision logic is used to support overall business objectives, regardless of individual applications. This method enables a decision logic change to be implemented one time and then easily deployed by any application that requires it. WebSphere Operational