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Chapter 3: Getting started with business... > Getting started from an existing rul... - Pg. 62

Example 3-5 shows the results after the rule execution. Example 3-5 Rule execution result ********** EXECUTION RESULT ********* DRIVER NAME: John RESPONSE APPROVED: F Reject messages: Accidents number exceeds the maximum The age exceeds the maximum or minimum ************************************** 3.3 Getting started from an existing rule project This section provides guidance about how to share business rules from an existing Java-based rule project to a COBOL application on z/OS. 3.3.1 Overview In this scenario, an insurance company has an existing business rule application to perform user validation for an insurance application. The rule projects, which the company currently uses, contain BOM that is based on a Java XOM. The company deploys the rules to the Rule Execution Server in a distributed environment. The company now wants to share the Java rule projects with COBOL applications that run on z/OS and to manage the changes that are made to these rules. To share rules with COBOL