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Chapter 6: Decision testing and simulati... > Testing and simulation lifecycle - Pg. 136

To be able to display a KPI result in a simulation report, you must author one more component, ilog.rules.teamserver.web.components.renderers.IlrScenarioSuiteKPIRenderer. This component is not necessary if the simulations are run using only the testing and simulation client API. 6.2.3 Development and authoring tools This section describes the development and authoring tools. Rule Designer You can perform the following operations that relate to testing and simulation from within Rule Designer by using the provided tooling: Check that a rule project is compatible with the Excel scenario suite formats. If a project is not currently compatible because of its BOM structure or a lack of verbalization, a list of actions to perform on the project to make it compatible is provided. Generate an Excel workbook to define a scenario suite for a rule project using one of the Excel scenario suite formats. The generated Excel workbook includes a help page that explains how to use it to define a scenario suite. Deploy the XOM (or repackage the SSP with the XOM) prior to the first execution of a scenario suite for a ruleset. Create a custom scenario suite format manually or by extending the existing scenario suite formats, using a set of specialized wizards and editors. Deploy a custom scenario suite into the SSP and Decision Center to make it available to the business users.