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1.3: Launchpad or installation wizard fa... > Analyze diagnostics - Pg. 11

1.3.4 Analyze diagnostics The installation log includes messages with details of the installation process and can contain messages that indicate a problem. Examine the installation log Look for entries that include INSTCONFSUCCESS, INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS, or INSTCONFFAILED, which might indicate the current status of the installation. Make note of the log entries that indicate partial success or failure and any entries preceding them that might indicate the problem. Evaluate the results The installation log includes messages that indicate steps failed or were only partially successful. If you see the INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS or INSTCONFFAILED messages, you should also see error or warning messages preceding them (for example, messages that indicate problems with resources, such as not enough disk space, exceptions in the JVMTM, segmentation faults, and so forth. If you received messages that are self-explanatory, attempt to correct the problem and retry the launchpad or installation wizard. If you received messages that are not self explanatory, go to "The next step" on