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Chapter 17: VMware backup with Tivoli St... > 17.2: VMware backup options with Tiv... - Pg. 232

17.1 VMware overview VMware provides software virtualization ( hypervisor ) support for Intel-based hardware. It allows the use of multiple operating system images and operating system types, hosted from the same physical hardware, which in turn generally allows greater overall utilization of that shared hardware. Each operating system image virtualized in this way will be referred to as a guest from now on. There are a number of types of VMware server available. For the rest of this chapter we discuss the VMware ESX server, since that is the enterprise version and will most likely be used for production services. A number of VMware guests hosted on the same ESX server usually run in parallel. While this provides great benefits for various types of application, it may cause some issues with backup and recovery if traditional backup techniques are used without consideration of the underlying equipment. There are a few different approaches to backup available with VMware, which we summarize in this chapter. For more information about VMware see: 17.2 VMware backup options with Tivoli Storage Manager V5.4