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Chapter 5. Linux support > HiperSockets Network Concentrator - Pg. 106

5.4 HiperSockets Network Concentrator HiperSockets Network Concentrator support allows a Linux system to be configured as a connector server to transparently bridge network traffic between HiperSockets and OSA-Express networks. The network traffic flows between the HiperSockets LAN and the physical LAN on the same subnet without requiring intervening network routing overhead. The Linux connector server provides inbound and outbound connectivity as though all systems connected to the LANs are on the same physical network. The HiperSockets Network Concentrator works on behalf of the TCP/IP stack using the next-hop-IP-address in the QDIO header. VLANs in a switched Ethernet network are not supported. TCP/IP stacks see no difference when using only HiperSockets and without any external network connection. Although the HiperSockets Network Concentrator could be a stand-alone Linux logical partition, there is no functional difference between Linux in a logical partition and running as a z/VM guest Linux server. Our configuration used a Linux guest server. Figure 5-6 shows the configuration scenario that we use to set up Linux. It is attached by an OSA card to the external network that implements Network Concentrator functions. Therefore, it permits all systems inside a HiperSockets Internal LAN to communicate with an external network. Network Concentrator scenario HiperSockets CHPID F4