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The goal of database performance tuning is to minimize the response time of your queries. It is also to optimize your server’s resources by minimizing network traffic, disk I/O, and CPU time.

This IBM IBM Redbooks publication helps you to understand the basics of identifying and tuning the performance of Structured Query Language (SQL) statements using IBM DB2 for i5/OS . DB2 for i5/OS provides a comprehensive set of tools that help technical analysts tune SQL queries. The SQL Performance Monitors are part of the set of tools that IBM i5/OS provides for assisting in SQL performance analysis since Version 3 Release 6. These monitors help to analyze database performance problems after SQL requests are run. In V5R4 of i5/OS iSeries Navigator provides a series of new tools to do SQL Performance analysis that we cover in this book. Among the new tools that we will covering are:
- Capability of visualizing the contents of the SQE Plan Cache
- SQE Plan Cache Snapshots
- The new reporting tool - Dashboard
- OnDemand Index Advisor
- Evaluators such as Index and Materialized Query Tables
This book also presents tips and techniques based on the SQL Performance Monitors and other tools, such as Visual Explain and all the tools provided in V5R4. You’ll find this guidance helpful in gaining the most out of both DB2 for i5/OS and query optimizer when using SQL.

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