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Part: 2 Gathering, analyzing, and querying database performance data - Pg. 31

Part 2 Part 2 Gathering, analyzing, and querying database performance data In this part of the book, we describe and discuss the different ways to gather database performance data. After we explain how to gather this data, we describe the different ways to analyze it with the tools that DB2 for i5/OS has. Later, we show you how to query the Database performance data and how to tie this data to one of the preferred tools called Visual Explain . We also dedicate some chapters to the new tools provided by i5/OS in V5R4. At the end, we present a methodology to do Performance Analysis. This part contains the following chapters: Chapter 3, "Overview of tools to analyze database performance" on page 33 Chapter 4, "Gathering SQL performance data" on page 89 Chapter 5, "Analyzing SQL performance data using iSeries Navigator" on page 117 Chapter 6, "Custom Database Monitor Analysis" on page 173 Chapter 7, "SQE Plan Cache and SQE Plan Cache Snapshots" on page 237 Chapter 8, "Analyzing database performance data with Visual Explain" on page 275 Chapter 9, "Index Advisor" on page 319 Chapter 10, "SQL performance analysis: a methodology" on page 363 © Copyright IBM Corp. 2007. All rights reserved. 31