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What it means to use cryptography - Pg. 232

How can we use certificates? Although a fuller implementation of certificates with relation to certificate authorities can be used, this is not necessary. Certificates can be generated and used just as public key containers, without the use of the wider context, as long as the parties involved are happy that a local trust agreement is adequate. Packages In addition to certificates issued in X.509 V3 format, public and private keys can be distributed using standards that are part of the Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) set. These standards were originally developed by RSA Data Security Inc. These standards are now widely accepted and recognized worldwide. Some of the most relevant standards in the context of the Encryption Facility for z/OS are shown in Table A-1. Table A-1 Some PKCS standards Package PKCS #7 PKCS #10 Name Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard Certification Request Standard Notes and comments See RFC 2315: See RFC 2986: