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Chapter 8. Developing Web service client... > Generating a Java Client using WAS - Pg. 168

8.2 Generating a Java Client using WAS This section demonstrates the use of WebSphere Developer for System z (WD/z) to generate a Web service client and run it in an application server. WD/z generates all the required Java classes to create a Web service request and to receive a Web service response. It also builds a very basic graphical user interface to interact with those classes. RAD users will be able to take advantage of this facility as the wizard is part of the RAD Web service features. As WD/z is built on RAD, this facility is also available under WD/z. For this example, we generate a client to invoke the GetHash Web service. The only input required is the GetHash.wsdl. Import the wsdl The wsdl needs to be in the WD/z work space. If you do not already have a local copy of the wsdl, import the wsdl using File Import, and then select the import source. Follow the wizard to complete the import. Start the application server Start the server before we start to generate the Web client using the wizard because it can take several minutes to start the WebSphere Application Server.