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Chapter 5. Troubleshooting > Essentials - Pg. 90

5.1 Essentials This section provides information about how to troubleshoot a problem with Tivoli Provisioning Manager, including instructions for searching knowledge bases, downloading fixes, and obtaining support. For detailed problem determination information, refer to the Problem Determination Guide available on the Web at: ivoli.tpm.doc/pubs/TPM51ProblemDeterminationGuide.pdf Troubleshooting is the process of finding and eliminating the cause of a problem. Whenever you have a problem with Tivoli Provisioning Manager, the troubleshooting process begins as soon as you ask yourself, what happened? A basic troubleshooting strategy at a high level involves: Recording the symptoms Recreating the problem Eliminating possible causes If you cannot identify the cause of a problem, you might want to seek the assistance of the Tivoli Support team, who will be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem and recommend ways to recover from specific situations.