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Calling Web service from within IMS Java... > Importing the IMS Java classes into ... - Pg. 513

For our environment the current version was 1.4, so the file extracted was named commons-net-1.4.0.jar. Add an entry for that file at the end of the plugin.xml configuration file. The end of the file should look like Example 14-2. Example 14-2 Changed plugin.xml for RAD Ant installation <library name="lib/commons-net-1.4.0.denis.jar"> <export name="*"/> </library> </runtime> </plugin> Save the file. According to the Rational Application Developer help there is a more convenient way to add a jar file to the Ant classpath. The following instructions are taken from Ant help: When using an optional or custom task it is usually necessary to add extra libraries to the classpath. The Ant classpath can be modified globally or per launch configuration. To modify the ANT classpath globally: a. Click Window Preferences. b. Expand Ant and select Runtime. If you are not on it already, click the Classpath tab. c. To add a JAR file to the classpath, click Add Jar and select the JAR file. d. To add a folder to the classpath, click Add Folder and select the folder. e. To remove an item from the classpath, select it and click Remove. f. To restore the classpath to the default, click Restore Defaults. Both possibilities will work but are required to run the ftp ant task successfully. 14.4.2 Importing the IMS Java classes into the project classpath In order to write an IMS Java transaction it is required to import the IMS Java classes into the project classpath. Since the required classes are delivered with IMS in a jar file, it is necessary to download this jar file to the workstation. Attention: According to the checklist in "IMS requirements" on page 494 make sure that the IMS Java HFS is mounted or ask the systems programmer about the location and the mount point of the IMS Java HFS. Chapter 14. Connecting to WebSphere from IMS using SOAP 513