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Chapter 12: Web services and SOAP over J... > Web service using SOAP over JMS in o... - Pg. 419

For the queue definitions, Rational Application Developer Version 6 does not yet support setting the type to reflect the new Default messaging provider feature of WebSphere V6. When you deploy the application you will see a warning message similar to that shown in Example 12-4. It is okay to ignore this warning message. Example 12-4 Warning message when resource type for Queue does not match ADMA0139W: Resource Assignment of name jms/snoopEjbInWasQ and type javax.jms.Queue, with JNDI name jms/snoopEjbInWasQ is found within scope of module sewsWsDemoWeb with URI sewsWsDemoWeb.war,WEB-INF/web.xml deployed to target WebSphere:cell=cl6483,node=nd6483,server=ws6483, but of wrong resource type JMS. The expected resource type is J2CAdminObject. 12.3 Web service using SOAP over JMS in one cell The SEWS sample application has now been updated to support the use of SOAP over JMS as the transport mechanism for Web services. We now need to configure the WebSphere server with the appropriate definitions to be able to actually provide the JMS support. When we used SOAP over HTTP as the underlying infrastructure for Web