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Chapter 13: Integrating WebSphere and DB2 using Web services - Pg. 461

13 Chapter 13. Integrating WebSphere and DB2 using Web services In Chapter 1, "Accessing DB2 using JDBC" on page 1 and Chapter 2, "Accessing DB2 using SQLJ" on page 25 we described how to use JDBC and SQLJ to access DB2 databases. Those technologies are straightforward to use and well-suited for most data access operations. However, when the data access logic implemented in DB2 becomes so complex that we can speak of business logic, it may start to make sense to call this as a Web service . Complex data access logic implemented in DB2 in this context can be either implemented as a complex SQL query launched by a J2EE application in WebSphere or a DB2 stored procedure. In the above case DB2 becomes a Web service provider and can offer Web services to the outside world. In "Calling a DB2 stored procedure as a Web service" on page 462 we describe how a WebSphere J2EE client application calls a stored procedure in DB2 as a Web service. Technically, it is also possible to let DB2 act as a Web service consumer requesting a Web service outside DB2, for example, in WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 6.01 . Functions can be added to DB2 to make this possible. We discuss a sample scenario in "Calling a Web service from DB2" on page 486. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2005. All rights reserved. 461