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CICS to WebSphere using SOAP over JMS > Define foreign bus - Pg. 449

Additionally, the MQSeries SCSQLOAD dataset must be added to the DFHRPL concatenation in the CICS region. If you do not do this and try a Web service using SOAP over JMS, you will get the following message in the CICS region: DFHAP0900 SCSCERW1 MQ support for CICS Web Services is not available. 12.5.2 Define foreign bus The external MQSeries Queue Manager is made known to the WebSphere server SIB, by defining it as a foreign bus. Define a foreign bus using the process shown in "Define foreign bus in ws6483" on page 443. In Step 2, select the Routing type as a Direct, WebSphere MQ link. As our MQSeries Queue Manager was called MQ4B, we named the foreign bus for it MQ4B. 12.5.3 Define WebSphere MQ Link We now need to define a WebSphere MQ Link, which will define how the SIB in WebSphere can connect with the external MQSeries Queue Manager. This definition is defined on the Messaging Engine of the SIB. Expand Service Integration, select Buses, select your bus, click Messaging Engines, click your Messaging Engine, and under Additional properties, click WebSphere MQ Link. Click New. There are four steps in defining this definition. Figure 12-21 on page 450 shows how we filled out the fields in this first step for our systems. Chapter 12. Web services and SOAP over JMS 449