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Link-level protocol functions and altern... > Start-stop terminal connection to TC... - Pg. 152

5.2.6 Start-stop terminal connection to TCAM applications NCP supports the connection of start-stop terminals specifically to TCAM applications. Note: For VTAM, the start-stop protocol must be converted or enveloped into an SNA data stream using protocol conversion such as that provided by: An IBM 3708 or other protocol converter The NTO program product The NCP Packet Switching Interface (NPSI) program product (through its PCNE 3767 support) Since TCAM is SNA-based, one can reach TCAM from any SNA device. Consequently, if you still have start-stop devices connecting into TCAM today, there are probably reasons that your organization is trying to preserve those devices. For example, they may be some sort of specialized hardware device. If so, your best alternative for preserving start-stop devices is protocol conversion. Start-stop terminals can be supported by a protocol converter that converts start-stop to SNA 3767 protocol. One example of a product that appears to provide such support is the INETCO Connect product from INETCO Systems, at: