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Appendix B: Microsoft .NET Web services > Microsoft .NET Web service developmen... - Pg. 485

Each manufacturer (Manufacturers A, B, and C) uses a unique technology to implement Web services. When completing the scenarios that employ three unique manufacturers, we are showing how organizations can bridge their technology gaps through the use of a common language, Web services using SOAP over HTTP. B.1.2 Microsoft .NET Web service development overview The implementation of the Microsoft .NET Web service we developed for our scenarios is written in the C# programming language. There are two design options developers must choose from when creating their Web service: Implementation First development WSDL First development Implementation First development In this design choice, a C# developer writes the business logic of an application. This application is then used to provide the implementation for a Web service. Visual Studio is used to generate a WSDL description of the C# code. This generated WSDL interface is used by Web service clients to connect to the Web service implemented in C#. This option should be used when you want to expose an existing application as a Web service. See Figure B-1 for an illustration of how Implementation First development works. 1. Create 3. Create C# Web service Web service client WSDL 2. Generate Figure B-2 Implementation First development Appendix B. Microsoft .NET Web services 485