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Records Manager design and planning cons... > Records destruction planning - Pg. 66

What is your user population? The drivers for implementing a records management system may determine what part of your user population requires access to the system. For example, your Human Resource department produces electronic documents that relate to employees. This type of document has to be kept for certain number of years. Typically, these documents would have been printed as paper copies and managed appropriately according to records policies. More often, these documents should be kept in their electronic form and managed by an electronic records-keeping system. The legislation may affect multiple groups of users or, in the case of document discovery mitigation, all users. Identification of these groups will then lead to the following planning issue. (For more information about discovery, see Chapter 11, "Discovery" on page 409.) Where are your user credentials managed? Almost every organization considering an electronic records management system uses e-mail systems. Ideally, the e-mail messages are from a single vendor with no interoperability issues or multiple-user repositories. If this is the case, your user credentials should be located in a single directory system. We recommend that Records Manager takes its users from Content Manager. It is possible to create and manage users directly in Records Manager, but this would only be used for a few users, such as records administrators, as the load of