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OS Monitoring > Profiles - Pg. 547

Figure 13-27 Probe alert - mail configuration 13.3.6 Profiles Profiles are used: In Scan jobs To limit files to be scanned To specify files tabulates to be scanned To select the summary view Directories and filesystems User ids OS user groups To set statistics retention period TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk provides default profiles that provide data for all the default reports. Profiles are used in Scan jobs to specify: The pattern of files to be scanned The attributes of files to be gathered The summary view that will be available in reports The statistics retention period Specifying correct profiles avoids gathering unnecessary information that may lead to space problems within the repository. However, you will not be able to report on or check Quotas on files that are not used by the Profile. Data Manager comes with several default profiles, (shown in Table 13-1) prefixed with TPCUser , which can be reused in any Scan jobs you define. Table 13-1 Default profile Default profile name BY_ACCESS BY_CREATION Description Gathers statistics by length of time since last access of files Gathers statistics by length of time since creation of files Chapter 13. Using TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data 547