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Working with DS4000 family or FAStT stor... > Working with DS4000 or FAStT volumes - Pg. 407

11.9.1 Working with DS4000 or FAStT volumes To view the status of the volumes available within a selected DS4000 or FAStT device, perform one of the following actions: Right-click the DS4000 or FAStT storage resource, and select Volumes (Figure 11-40). On the right-hand side under the Tasks column, drag Managed Storage Units Volumes onto the storage device you want to query. In either case, in the bottom left corner, the status will change from Ready to Starting Task and it will remain this way until the volume inventory is completed (see Figure 11-41 on page 408). Note: Before DS4000 or FAStT volume properties can be displayed, as with other storage devices managed by Productivity Center common base, an initial inventory must be completed. Refer to 11.4, "Performing volume inventory" on page 378 for details. Figure 11-40 Working with DS4000 and FAStT volumes Chapter 11. Using TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk 407