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Chapter 4: Patterns for grid access - Pg. 31

4 Chapter 4. Patterns for grid access Grid access patterns describe the mechanisms the user uses to interact both with the grid-resident parts of the application and with the grid facilities for workload virtualization, platform virtualization, and information virtualization. Largely, the grid access patterns refactor existing portal patterns. However, there is more to grid access than portals. While portals are usually seen directly by people, many grid applications are exercised by external applications. Portal-like facilities are also needed to provide these applications access to the grid. Furthermore, the grid portal is often not a choke point that provides the only way to access the grid resources. It is not the purpose of this chapter to repeat what is covered in Chapters 3 through 8 of A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere Portal V5, SG24-6087. However, much of the text of this chapter is based on that redbook. This chapter discusses the ways that users and their applications reach out to the grid: Thin client to portal (that is, a generic program, such as a Web browser or Telnet that is not a business application, nor grid specific, but provides the user's window into the grid) Thick grid client (that is, a general purpose program that exercises the grid, submitting work, checking status, and so on. It may be interactive or command line driven. It may work in conjunction with specific grid software, but is customized for a specific business application or data set) © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 31