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Appendix A: XML message structure and ha... > Types of XML messages for event publ... - Pg. 232

A.1 Types of XML messages for event publishing The WebSphere Information Integrator event publishing solution generates XML event messages encoded in Unicode using UTF-8 (code page 1208) as specified in the XML 1.0 (2nd edition) W3C Recommendation, October 6th 2000. The message structure follows the XML Schema Language (Part: Structure and Part 2: Datatypes) W3C Recommendation, May 2, 2001. Note: In PTF UK09686 released on December 5th 2005, messages may also be published in native EBCDIC format. There are three types of XML event messages, as follows: Data messages: These messages describe the changed data captured from the source system and include all or part of a transaction (TRANS message type), or a single row operation (ROWOP message type) within a transaction. Note: Both WebSphere Information Integrator Classic Event Publisher and WebSphere Information Integrator Event Publisher generate these types of messages. The content of XML messages for event publishing is described in the definition of an XML publication -- parameters include BEFORE_VALUES (YES or NO), TOPIC and MSGTYPE (TRANS or ROWOP). ­ BEFORE_VALUES (YES or NO): The default value of NO specifies that the before values of an updated row are not