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Chapter 6: Case study software component... > DB2 Data Warehouse Edition - Pg. 125

6.1 DB2 Data Warehouse Edition Business intelligence (BI) is a critical business advantage. Most businesses have some level of BI capability, but they must continue to grow their capabilities to remain competitive. DB2 Data Warehouse Edition is a powerful set of products that rapidly enables enterprises to develop robust BI solutions, such as those with data mining techniques, inline analytics, and an integrated design tool. The integration of BI and business process management can take you to a new level of competitive advantage. This advantage is created because typical BI solutions do not embrace processes, and that is required to get to the next level of advantage. It is crucial to better understanding of the company and the optimization of the business processes. It is this integration that gives the business processes access to all the enterprise consolidated information on a granular level. That information can enable improved problem recognition and resolution, or, better yet, problem avoidance. It is this integrated information that can support operational, tactical, and strategic decision making to enable management to meet their business performance measurements and business goals. The integration of BI and business process management is what we refer to as Performance Insight. That is, it delivers actionable insights throughout the enterprise to meet those business measurements and goals. DWE provides the products to enable the solution. DB2 Data Warehouse Edition (DWE) V9.1 is an integrated platform for developing data warehouse-based analytics, including Web-based applications with embedded data mining and multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). DWE integrates core components for data warehouse administration, data mining, OLAP, and inline analytics and reporting. These platform pillars are based on the technology of Rational Data Architect together with the SQL Warehousing Tool, DWE Mining, DWE OLAP (based on DB2 Cube Views), and DB2 Alphablox. In DWE Design Studio, physical data modeling, cube modeling, data mining modeling, and SQL data flow/control modeling are unified in one common design environment. That Eclipse-based design environment integrates all of the DWE products within a common framework and user interface (the one exception is DB2 Alphablox, which currently uses a native interface. However, the direction is to support the Eclipse plug-in architecture in a future release). DWE is a component-based architecture with client and server functions, both leveraging emerging IBM Software Group frameworks and shared subcomponents. DB2 is the foundation for DWE, providing a scalable data warehousing platform. DWE then extends the DB2 data warehouse with analytic Chapter 6. Case study software components 125