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Chapter 6: The project test environment - Pg. 261

6 Chapter 6. The project test environment In this chapter, we discuss and describe how to create a real-time enterprise. However, it soon becomes a very particular job because it depends on the particular enterprise requirements. So, in Chapter 7, "The case study" on page 281, we provide an example implementation of a real-time enterprise in the retail industry. The example scenario gives you a closer look at how to implement such an environment using IBM approaches and solutions. We describe the software and hardware used in our particular case study, and provide a macro view of how the IBM products in the environment relate. Then we describe two test scenarios that have a lot, and also very little, in common. We elected to have two scenarios because of the timing of this project. A key WebSphere product was in development that we wanted to use, but the project schedule dictated our particular selections. The product was WebSphere Message Broker. The current version was V5, and the one in development was V6. The V6 product contained very important new functionality called the enterprise service bus (ESB). To emphasize this new functionality we decided to run two test scenarios for the case study, making use of both WebSphere Message Broker Version 5 and WebSphere Message Broker Version 6. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 261