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Chapter 8: Virtual Ethernet LAN > Setting up VE LAN connections - Pg. 315

the server is installed, these values can only be changed from within the Windows operating system. 8.6 Virtual Ethernet performance considerations The iSeries and Windows CPU utilization cost of using the point-to-point connection is similar to the utilization cost of using a hardware network adapter. The connection is high speed, but total bandwidth is always shared with disk, tape, and other operations on IXS and IXA adapters. When you use Internet SCSI (iSCSI), you can separate Virtual Ethernet operations by using another iSCSI HBA channel. A Virtual Ethernet connection between two or more integrated servers uses the iSeries CPU to switch the traffic between servers, even when the iSeries server is not an endpoint of the traffic. For most connections, this utilization is insignificant. But, if you expect high sustained network loads across the Virtual Ethernet connection between integrated servers, you might want to balance the cost of using the Virtual Ethernet internal switch against external network adapters on the integrated servers. 8.7 Setting up VE LAN connections Setting up VE LAN connections can be broken down into a few distinct tasks: Creating VE LAN resources using the HMC Creating a Virtual Ethernet resource using the HMC Creating a VE LAN connection in the i5/OS hosting partition Creating a simple VE LAN connection for a hosted server