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Chapter 4: Installing and configuring z/... > Backing up your z/VM system to tape - Pg. 65

4.9 Backing up your z/VM system to tape Your system is now customized with a running TCP/IP stack, a highly available VSWITCH, a startup and a shutdown process, and a user ID for shared files. You have changed the passwords. This would be a good time to back up the system to tape. There are five system volumes that you must back up. They are as follows: 520RES 520W01 520W02 520SPL 520PAG In addition to these five system volumes, you have configured a sixth volume that is important to Linux. This sixth volume is the first 320 cylinders of the volume with LNXMAINT on it, which is VMCD33 in this example. Back up that entire volume, because you use the remainder of it for Linux data as well. To backup these volumes to tape, refer to step number eleven labeled Store a Backup Copy of the z/VM System on Tape in Chapter 8, titled Load the System Image, in the manual called The z/VM Guide for Automated Installation and Service, GC24-6099. 4.10 Relabeling the system volumes This step is optional. However, we recommended you not to supply custom DASD when installing z/VM as Figure 4-6 on page 29 shows. You may, at times, want to change the