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Chapter 1: Introduction to IZB > 1.2: From 1999 until now - Pg. 5

2005 Customer A Production PLEXZ3 SYPD SYPC SYE8 SYE7 SYE9 SYE6 Production Customer B PLEXZ2 SYPE SYPF SYPG SYP7 SYP2 SYp3 SYP8 SYP9 SYP4 SYP5 SYEA7 SYE1 SYE3 SYE4 SYE5 Backend Backend Backend Backend Frontend Frontend Frontend Frontend Support Support Development PLEXX2 PLEXX3 Customer C Production PLEXZ4 SYPH SYPI SYEB Development PLEXX1 Intergration PLEXX5 Delivery PLEXX6 Development PLEXX7 Customer D Production PLEXZ5 SYP6 SYE2 Test PLEXW1 IZB SYT1 SYT2 SYT3 SYPA SYPB Development PLEXX4 Monitoring PLEXZA PLEXZB Figure 1-1 Sysplex structure 1.1.2 The IZB mission