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14.5: Debugging assembler programs using... > Preparing programs and modifying set... - Pg. 410

Debug Tool commands that require an expression. See Debug Tool for z/OS Reference and Messages for a description of the syntax of the assembler-like language. After you verify that your assembler program meets these requirements, prepare your assembler program. 14.5.2 Preparing programs and modifying setup files with Debug Tool Utilities The examples in the following sections show you how to use Debug Tool Utilities to prepare your programs and how to create, manage, and use a setup file. The examples guide you through the following tasks: Creating personal data sets with the correct attributes. Starting Debug Tool Utilities. Compiling or assembling your program using Debug Tool Utilities. You must have Debug Tool Utilities and Advanced Functions installed on your system to run the steps in this task. If you do not have this product installed, you can build your program through your usual methods and resume the example with the next step. Modifying and using a setup file to run your program in the foreground or in batch. Creating personal data sets for assembler Create the data sets with the names and attributes described in Table 14-2. Allocate five tracks for each of the data sets. Partitioned data sets should be specified with five blocks for the directory. Table 14-2 Names and attributes to use when you create your own data sets Data set name LRECL BKLSIZE RECFM DSORG