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30.2: Installing WTM > Creating a VTAM application major node - Pg. 968

30.2.1 Creating a VTAM application major node A VTAM application major node must be defined in SYS1.VTAMLST or its local equivalent. A local sample is shown in Example 30-1. Example 30-1 VTAM application major node definition sample for WSim and WTM * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * * WSIM TEST MANAGER MAJOR NODE * ------------------------------------------------------------------- * VBUILD TYPE=APPL *WTM DISPLAY MONITOR WTMDM00 APPL EAS=1,PARSESS=YES WTMDM01 APPL EAS=1,PARSESS=YES WTMDM02 APPL EAS=1,PARSESS=YES . WTMDM09 APPL EAS=1,PARSESS=YES *INTERACTIVE DATA CAPTURE ITPIDC0 APPL EAS=1,SESSLIM=YES ITPIDC1 APPL EAS=1,SESSLIM=YES ITPIDC2 APPL EAS=1,SESSLIM=YES . ITPIDC9 APPL EAS=1,SESSLIM=YES *WTM APPLICATIONS FOR LU SESSION SIMULATION VAPPL00 APPL EAS=1 VAPPL01 APPL EAS=1 VAPPL02 APPL EAS=1 . VAPPL09 APPL EAS=1