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3.4: The functions of Application Perfor... > CICS measurement - Pg. 47

3.4.8 CICS measurement The CICS measurement category contains six reports, listed in Table 3-9. Table 3-9 CICS measurement reports Report identification E01 E03 E04 E05 E06 E07 Report description CICS Session Statistics CICS CPU usage by transaction CICS mean service time by transaction CICS total service time by transaction CICS service time by task ID CICS wait by transaction E01 (CICS session statistics) shows a summary of the CICS measurement data collected during the observation session. E03 (CICS CPU usage by transaction) shows how CPU consumption was distributed across the CICS transactions that were executing during the observation session. E04 (CICS mean service time by transaction) and E05 (CICS total service time by transaction) analyze how time was spent by the CICS transactions that were measured during the observation session. E06 (CICS service time by task ID) shows a chronology of occurrences of CICS transactions. E07 (CICS wait by transaction) shows where CICS transactions were waiting. These reports are described in detail in 12.2, "CICS measurement" on page 268. Chapter 3. Introduction to Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS 47