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Chapter 19: Fault Analyzer interactive a... > 19.15: Displaying chained data areas - Pg. 603

19.15 Displaying chained data areas Storage can be scanned for a chain of linked control blocks. The RUNCHAIN command can be invoked either by entering RUNCHAIN on any interactive report command line or by assigning RUNCHAIN to a PF key. When invoked, you will be shown a pop-up panel similar to the one shown in Figure 19-49. Figure 19-49 Storage RUNCHAIN command entry display For a given Start Address and Forward Pointer Offset, the RUNCHAIN command will follow the chain of control blocks until one of the following end conditions is met: The number of control blocks scanned has exceeded the maximum number set by the user (the default value is 9999). The forward pointer of the current control block contains one of the End of Chain values. These values are: ­ ­ ­ ­ X'00000000' X'FFFFFFFF' The initial start address implying that the chain has looped A user-supplied End Of Chain Identifier The forward pointer of the current control block points to invalid or unavailable storage. For each control block, its address and the first 32 bytes of data are shown. Optionally, you can provide an eyecatcher and its offset in the control block, in which case, for each control block, the text at the specified offset is compared against the supplied text, and if they do not match, then a warning message is issued. To exit from the RUNCHAIN command, enter EXIT (PF3). Chapter 19. Fault Analyzer interactive analysis 603