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Chapter 31: Workload Simulator Test Manager > 31.4: Test cases - Pg. 979

6. Using ISPF option 3.4, the user can see that WTM created 16 data sets (9 partitioned and 7 sequential) for the project RSPROJ1 with the names starting with the supplied HLI, as shown in Figure 31-7. Figure 31-7 List of project data sets WTM requests a table refresh. A normal table refresh is sufficient in most cases. The user must select an extended table refresh only if changes were made to the generated STL scripts or network definition statement. 31.4 Test cases Test cases are STL programs with supporting documentation and User Data Tables (UTBLs). Select option 1 or enter the command CASE from the WTM main panel to see the list of test cases for the current project. This list consists of the following columns: Command code: A one-character command field (valid values are D, N, O, T, U, and V). Name: The name of the test case and the member name of the corresponding STL program. Type: The type of the test case. Filled by WTM. The values are V for VTAMAPPL, C for CPI-C, T for TCP/IP, and *-* for undefined, for example, a skeleton or an STL program created outside of WTM. UTBLs: The number of UTBLs for this test case. Notes: An asterisk (*) indicates that there are notes for this test case. Description: This is an optional free-form description of the test case. For each test case, the following commands can be entered in the command field: D N Delete: Delete the test case and the associated members in WTM libraries. Notes: Edit the Notes data set for this test case. Chapter 31. Workload Simulator Test Manager 979