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Performance tuning > Other considerations - Pg. 141

Table 5-1 Default optimization goals for each interface (as of V5R2) Interfaces Embedded SQL Dynamic Embedded SQL Interactive SQL CLI ODBC,OLE DB, .NET Provider JDBC Native JDBC Driver Net.Data® Data Transfer (iSeries Access for Windows) Default optimization goals *ALLIO *FIRSTIO *FIRSTIO *ALLIO *FIRSTIO (*ALLIO with extended dynamic SQLPKG) *FIRSTIO (*ALLIO with extended dynamic SQLPKG) *ALLIO *FIRSTIO *ALLIO 5.2.5 Other considerations There are additional considerations that you must take into account when doing performance tuning. We explore some of those considerations in the following sections. Plan cache and access plans Starting in V5R2, a system IPL causes the plan cache to be cleared. Therefore, you can expect a query's performance to be affected when it is run for the first time after an IPL because the access plan needs to be rebuilt. However, because of the need to perform ODP creations after an IPL, the access plan rebuild overhead may not be noticeable.