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Chapter 22: Other handy tools - Pg. 275

22 Chapter 22. Other handy tools In this chapter, we describe other tools that we have found very useful so that interested system administrators and application programmers for z/OS can have a quick reference guide to these tools. Although they are not directly related to problem determination for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, the tools can be very powerful for performing day-to-day administrative tasks and problem determination for WebSphere for z/OS. We describe TCP/IP-related tools such as TCP/IP checkout program ( and TCP/IP network packet tracing with Ethereal. We also introduce MXI. To gather performance data and create reports that help system programmers and administrators tune their systems optimally, react quickly to system delays, and diagnose and remediate performance problems, we introduce SMF records, RMF reports, and the SMF Browser. To avoid problems caused by bottlenecks or programming issues, we recommend that you run load and stress tests with various tools for your applications and for your WebSphere for z/OS environment before you go into production. Examples of these tools include: WebSphere Studio Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390, Microsoft Web Application Stress tool For the day-to-day administration tasks for WebSphere for z/OS, you also need powerful and efficient tools for managing Java, XML, or HTML files. Therefore, we finish the chapter by introducing FTP, Telnet, and editor tools such as: TeraTerm Pro Microsoft Windows FTP client WS_FTP Professional Directing SYSPRINT output to an HFS file UltraEdit To build and service applications effectively in z/OS, developers need robust, easy-to-use tools to compile, test, and debug their applications. There are many more tools available to help them to face these challenges. For examples of specific IBM tools, see Installing WebSphere Studio Application Monitor V3.1, SG24-6491, which describes the Application Monitor, the Debug Tool, the Fault Analyzer, the File Manager, and the Workload Simulator in more detail. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2002, 2005, 2006. All rights reserved. 275