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Resource Manager volume validation utili... > Resource Manager volume validation u... - Pg. 424

Parameter -H Description This parameter causes the program to display help information about how to invoke the utility. All of the other parameters are ignored and no processing occurs. The logical volume name on which you want to perform the validation. Use this parameter to limit the number of storage systems to one volume. This parameter is optional. If not used, all storage systems are searched. -V volume-name Understanding the validation discrepancy reports Base file names of the discrepancy reports are icmrmvolvalYYMMDDHHMMSS_Report Type string.xml. The Report Type string identifies the type of discrepancies a report contains. The description of the different report types are detailed later in this section. The timestamp enables the administrator to run the utility multiple times without overwriting the output files. Examples of default names with the default report type are: cmrmvolval20020531123456_FILENOTFOUND.xml cmrmvolval20020531123456_SIZEMISMATCH.xml